Konrad van Rensburg | Part 2

Army: Back in the 1980s, it was compulsory to do military service, and at age seventeen I went to 8 SAI Infantry in Upington. I won’t mention any names, but the South African military had quite a few high-level Satanists and Satanic priests within its ranks. Whilst in...

Konrad van Rensburg | Part 1

I can’t type one more word without sharing the reason why I have decided to write this. The ONLY reason is… JESUS CHRIST… It’s all about Him.  I don’t think to tell the story of one’s life is ever easy, especially coming from an occult background. I only know that by...


IN ISSUE 4 : FRONT COVER: Madeleen Oberholzer shares her testimony on almost dying at birth to facing similar obstacles later in her life. FEATURES:- VOSK Shoes- Konrad van Rensburg- Manna Moments INTERVIEWS:- Barbarians for Christ- Blood Bank TOUGH TOPICS:- High...

When God takes control

Brad’s breakthrough came at Jericho. He had been working hard on the Jericho farm and had injured his back. He said that while lying on his bed, knowing that he had lost everything, and was on the verge of losing me too, he just called out to God and asked Him to take over his life completely and to restore everything he had lost.

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