He is Perfect in all His Ways

For I know the Plans I have for you, declares the Lord, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29: 11 There were many times in my life where I stood before my bed, praying to God, with a heart full of deep desires, and with tears welled up in my eyes, and all that...

Konrad van Rensburg | Part 4

The fight out: I was homeless for a while in the 90s. I’d been kicked out of the house, and I had nowhere to go. It was just me and my motorbike. I travelled to Centurion, where I lived in a bush next to the river. I found out that the stormwater pipes under the...

Konrad van Rensburg | Part 3

The House and Descent into Satanism: During my time in Weskoppies, my parents moved into a place that I will call “The House”. The House had many residents in the past, with various beliefs and religions, who had left through poverty, sickness, or suicide. Some of the...

When God takes control

Brad’s breakthrough came at Jericho. He had been working hard on the Jericho farm and had injured his back. He said that while lying on his bed, knowing that he had lost everything, and was on the verge of losing me too, he just called out to God and asked Him to take over his life completely and to restore everything he had lost.

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