The House and Descent into Satanism:

During my time in Weskoppies, my parents moved into a place that I will call “The House”. The House had many residents in the past, with various beliefs and religions, who had left through poverty, sickness, or suicide. Some of the former tenants were homosexuals.

Satanists had also used The House as a Church. The Satanists in that neighbourhood were incredibly powerful; they weren’t edgy teenagers dressed in all black garb as many people would think.

When my parents first showed me around the property, I could remember that something about the place didn’t sit right with me. It had an old aesthetic, with creaky doors, old cupboards, and wooden floors.

My parents weren’t aware of the house’s history. They’d been forced to move as their previous property had poor electrical wiring, so they had to find a new house quickly. They had lived in the property opposite The House, and my youngest brother had befriended a kid who lived in The House. My parents had no idea what was going on there, as the secrecy around Satanism is very strong.

When my family first moved in, my father “claimed” the property in Jesus’s name, as they’d been taught to do in the church. The church also sent pastors to The House to pray there.

Before you do something like this, it’s important to consider the history of the property and to listen to what Jesus is telling you. If you don’t, you’ll bring destruction upon yourself and your family. Some properties are too contaminated to spiritually clean. In such a case, it’s best to move on.

On my first night there, when I went to bed, I heard doors opening, the floor creaking, and doors slamming shut. I dismissed it as a draft, or heat causing The House to settle in, and so on. Then I saw the faint shadows of familiar entities; evil spirits.

During the winter, the same thing would happen, but I couldn’t brush it off as wind rushing through the house. Demons were floating through the air; that’s why the doors were slamming shut.

Even though I knew that these were demons at play, I didn’t want to admit it. I just wanted things to be spiritually normal for once.

The dogs in the neighbourhood would howl well into the early morning hours, and a dark entity would walk past the house. You could actually hear its footsteps.

The attacks would get more and more severe, to the point where there was a division in familial relationships. My father and I went back to physically fighting each other. Because of the breakdown in our relationship, when my family went on holiday, I would refuse to go with them, and I would be all alone in The House.

In my isolation, I could hear the spirits calling out to me, inviting me into darkness. They would physically appear to me, gripping my arms and through extreme fear pulling me deeper into Satanism. I eventually received an “invitation” from the Satanic coven that had previously used The House. I received a said invitation in spirit, through an astral travel method. This is where another witch appeared to me.

The high priestess of the coven became involved in my life. She was in a relationship with the high priest of the coven. They were unmarried and living together with their two children.

They set a plan in motion for me to go deep into the coven’s practices, into some very dark practices that no human being would ever understand. I won’t go into the details of the things I was involved in there, but suffice it to say it was pure demonic evil.

I tried to get out of it as best I could, but Satan made sure I stayed there. Wherever I went, they followed.

During this part of my life, I received “Satanic Talents”. I could play the guitar like a professional and sing in a beautiful voice. I could predict future events, read hand palms, analyse handwriting, and perform automatic writing, during which a very dark entity took control of me and wrote occult rituals with my hands.

Part of my time in Satanism was spent attending churches and placing curses on the pastor and his congregation. I was very aware of the secret sins of these pastors, which was used as Satanic leverage.

One of my main assignments was to also infiltrate families, earn their trust and then stay with them and cause great pain and sorrow in their lives.

My purpose was to cause destruction, and I enjoyed it. It was in this area of my life where my personalities would switch and deceive every person in my life. My front persona was okay, but my other alters would switch and I wouldn’t be able to recall what happened during that time.

The only way I could find to cope with all this was to use drugs. It just made things worse, and I would often wake up a mess, not knowing how I got there. This would happen many times.

My parents lived in absolute fear of me, and my siblings suffered under my influence of evil. I hated my family and did everything to destroy them. Because of the demonic possession, I began to smell like sulfur. My face looked like that of a vampire, and when I looked in the mirror I could see the evil spirits in me.

Because my parents had dared rebuke the evil spirits in The House, their names were written on the curse table of the Satanic Church. At first, my parents lost all their finances and couldn’t pay their debts. My parents were given a court order to make monthly payments in order to pay off the debt, but because they had no money to make the payments my father was eventually arrested. A week later, my brother was arrested for having narcotics in his possession. He later got out, but my father was still in prison when my brother got out. Because of the financial situation, the rent couldn’t be paid and an eviction notice was served.

My father eventually got out on bail, but my mother didn’t want him back. She got a place where she stayed with my siblings, but she refused to have my father and me there. So the two of us lived in my father’s car for two months. Some of the people who saw us gave us some canned food. We’d sleep in that old 1400 Toyota at night and sell stuff during the day to survive.

The Church my mother was a part of ordered her to take my father back, and she did.

I was left on my own. I tried to get deliverance from a lady who wanted to help me, but the demonic attacks would get very intense during these sessions. The Satanic Church was fighting me like never before.

My father got sent back to prison for debt, and my brother was arrested for drugs, theft, attempted murder, and various cases of assault.

During these years, my father got into a car accident. A railway truck had hit his car, and he was in ICU for many months.

I also frequently got in trouble with the police. They would pick me up many times for suspicion of narcotics possession. I wasn’t scared of them and performed many dark rituals on them. Because of my Satanic powers, they never could detect any drugs on me, though they searched thoroughly. The police even had a helicopter that they tried to use to find our Satanic meetings, but we had demonic protection and they couldn’t locate us.

But the flip side to all this was the absolute darkness that descended on my family. My father was in another car accident, again not fatal. There were a lot of dark things that happened that I won’t reveal because of the sensitivity of the matter.