There is a specific calling on each woman’s life and no one else can fulfill it accept you. You were preset to be your husband’s helper with specific instruction in every season, and situation. This task is not always easy because life can get complicated, and the situations will take you on a journey of constant prayer and fasting or cause you to raise a banner of praise, declaring God’s favor and hand over the mountains being faced.

Therefore, it is important to be in tune with the Holy Spirit and continually ensuring that you are an open channel for God to work through. This may cost you your life, but just like David that did not want to present an offering to God, that did not cost him anything, just so your quality of sacrifice will determine your measure of breakthrough or blessing received.

Proverbs clearly states that a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. What offer are you presenting for the sake of your family’s salvation, your marriage, your relationship with God to be turned around for the cause of Christ?

Today I honor every woman who decided to lay down her life in return for the hand of God to move mightily in her life, fulfilling her purpose as a Godly wife, a mother, and friend.