I am filled with so many emotions as I sit here typing this. Pearl Drop Moments is more than just a magazine to me, it’s my testimony.

I’ve learned so much in the past year about myself and my past. The one thing that really stands out to me is the fact that at a very young age I was exposed to some really bad stuff and it was the devil’s way of trying to take my calling away from me. It eventually led me to something that caused me to make the decision to end my life, which is what the devil wants.

Since I can remember people have been telling me that I will do great things for God’s Kingdom and that I have the natural instinct of being a leader or rather taking the lead when needed. I never understood why people said that, to me that didn’t even make sense as I used to be very shy. As I grew older I started seeing some of that come to life in me, I had the ability to influence people in a positive and unfortunately a negative way.

With that came a lot of pain as well, people didn’t always understand me or the things happening in my life. People love talking to me, sharing their feelings and secrets but, this sometimes caused a division.

I will never forget the day I gave my heart to Jesus, I cried my eyes out! A year later I got baptized with my best friends and, that’s where it all began. I started seeing things that were going to happen or seeing dead people and feeling other people’s emotions. Now of course this wasn’t from God, it was the devil using my “gift” in a negative way. Making me scared, depressed and filled with anxiety.

At one stage I didn’t even want to get into a car, fearing for my life. All of this was part of the devil’s strategy to get me to turn away from God and towards evil. I started listening to heavy metal music, wearing only black and just couldn’t get out of that depression state. I was literally dying inside.

When I turned 18 it just got worse, I met the wrong guy, and everything just went downhill from there. Long story short the depression got worse, I was in situations I wasn’t supposed to be in and eventually I tried to commit suicide three times. Luckily for me God wasn’t finished.

I remember coming home from work late and just pouring my heart out before the Lord. I couldn’t handle it anymore, I was done with depression and losing people close to me. Shortly after that night the impossible happened in my life. A guy from work named Chris, was just at the right place at the right time and, my light in the uncontrollable darkness I was in. We met a year earlier, and we just clicked, I remember the first time I saw him, I couldn’t stop staring into his beautiful blue eyes! Forwarding to a few days after I asked God to take over, Chris and I started talking a lot more and I just knew that this was the guy God intended for me and that he will be my husband.

I finally got the courage to get out of my abusive relationship and let me tell you, that was not pretty! After a few months I was completely free from my past and God renewed me as a person and restored all my broken relationships with my family. Nothing is impossible for God, NOTHING.

After just 5 months of dating, Chris asked me to marry him, we got married 9 months later. Everything happened so quickly but, and today I know why. God had a plan, He was about to move like never before in my life.

February the following year I met Jesus for the first time in person. We went to a new church and during the service the pastor called me to the front. He took my hand and started talking to me about my past and my future, next moment I saw Jesus. Suddenly it wasn’t the pastor talking to me anymore, but our beautiful Saviour JESUS.

I went through a lot of growing pains since that day, I started having dreams that where amazing and terrifying at the same time, receiving visions and getting to know my God. In 2015 I registered Pearl Drop Moments. The beginning of something truly wonderful.

At the time I didn’t understand what I was supposed to do with it, because everything I tried doing just didn’t seem to work. Since I can remember I’ve had visions of the perfect bride, beautiful gown, hair and makeup. I’ve always had this fascination with weddings and I never really understood why.

I recently discovered something amazing about myself through the Word of God and showing me. I realized why I’ve always been drawn to weddings and the perfect attire for it, because God had a plan. He wanted me to do something that would change the way people look at the bride.

When I started Pearl Drop Moments I thought it was to start a wedding company, in a way it was but not in the way I thought it would be. You see God wants His first love to come back, He wants His bride to be clean and ready for her Bridegroom.

On 22 August 2017 I had a vision where it was really dark around me and when I looked up I saw doves on fire, and as they came down they touched the people walking in the streets. The people then became on fire, after I saw that the following words came up to me:

“The time has come for My people to go out and to do what they are called for! I’m sending out My Spirit to start a fire that can never be blissed! The holy Spirit will move like never before, people will be changed and become the light of this dark world. Go My children and be the light, be MY light and touch other people so that their hearts can catch fire!

I believe that this year (2018) will be the year of great miracles, testimonies and a revival of note!

Pearl Drop Moments represent something that is beyond this world, our lives are just a moment. We are all precious pearls in the Father’s hands, and He drops us into life where we have a choice to either follow and obey Him or choose the world. It is time that we act like the precious pearls we are. To shine where God has placed us and to represent the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords – Jesus Christ.

Are you ready to step into your destiny as a daughter of, the Great I Am? Are you ready to pick up your crown AND your cross?

To me our wedding symbolizes more than just the joining of two people, every time I look at the photos I just realize all over again how fortunate I am to still be alive today. Just over a year before that day I tried to end my life. Today I can tell you that I know what it is to be truly loved and that there is a Mighty Living God that cares
about us.

That day I didn’t just give my heart to Chris forever but, to Jesus as well. Our wedding is the perfect testimony that God restores, heals and moves in ways we can’t even begin to understand. – Monique