For many years my ‘husband’ was sitting right in front of me in Kaleideo church – not realizing he would be my husband one day. As time went by we got to know each other better and better, but for me we were just good friends. Louwrie then decided that he must come up with an idea for us to spend more time together as he really liked me. He knew that I love dancing, one day he asked me if I will be his partner for ballroom classes.

My husband, Louwrie, has two left feet, but he was determined to dance, as long as he was dancing with me. 2012 We started dancing at Fred Astairs. Slowly I fell more and more in love with him, but is this from God?

One weekend we went away on a church camp, as I sat next to the river spending time alone with God; I prayed for a very specific sign whether this will be my husband one day or not, as I said to God that I don’t want to date anyone else if that person was not my husband. God says in His Word ask and you WILL receive and that is exactly what I did. After praying for a sign, God gave it to me. I felt so much peace in my heart and so much joy knowing that God is alive and do listen to our prayers.

The first time Louwrie met my mother; her first words were: ‘Monique, now you can get married, but to this guy’. I felt my cheeks turning red instantly as she hasn’t even introduced herself to Louwrie as yet.

I was pleased to find out that Louwrie’s mother felt exactly the same way. She is a Pastor and she immediately felt that I am the woman for Louwrie the moment she met me.

Knowing God does not only work through his Word, but by prayers and words from the people around you is amazing!!  We are currently 4 years happily married and we always put God first in our marriage.

Louwrie is not just a very good and supportive husband, but a man that can now take lead and dance with his wife.

Photo: Anrie Photography