We asked Lené Magro Walters from Centred.Studio to share with us how she gets inspired to create and how God has spoke to her regarding her creative process and why she creates.

I have noticed a full circle pattern since walking with God. The full circle concept is when your start and finish line have the same identifier, but the environment and your level of journeying has been upgraded. It’s like starting off a race with doubting thoughts and as you progress through the race, your technique and mental health has a strong growth gradient which exceeds your own expectation so that when you get to the finish line you have a glimpse of how you started versus how you have grown, within this ‘full circle’.

Being a creative person and not walking in God, one can easily be pursued to entertain the trendy topics through your own capacity. This became a draining process and lead to mental breakdowns on various occasions, speaking from experience. After I started walking with God I underwent a lot of personal inner change, where God showed me things in my life that were keeping me from being whom He had created me to be.

One of these topics was my creative process, how I go about creating and where I draw my inspiration from, leading up to the message my work was portraying and whom I was honouring through my work. It came to a point where I had to re-evaluate my reason to create. Why do I call myself a creative and where was I going with this process?

While spending time with God in the book of Genesis, I noticed one very clear aspect of the book and that it was about the Creator, creating life, it was about the Creator creating. This blew my mind, if there was one ‘person’ that could help me with my creative process it was the Creator Himself.

At first, I tried to over analyse everything that He did and how He went about things. I tried to understand it through a harden heart, where I only wanted to get out the most that I possibly could and utilise it to my own benefit. But I still grew tired, got worked up about every little detail and started to go through the same doubtful thoughts. I got to a point where I gave up all my dreams, all my ways and just sat down to listen. As I spent more and more time with God my heart started to understand the simplicity of the Gospel. I started to look differently at life and why I wanted to be a creative person. I understood that the reason I loved being creative so much is that when I am creating I feel closer to the Creator himself. It’s like your soul aligns with its created value and that is when it all made sense. To be creative and not run dry, you have to start every project at the feet of God and ask Him what He wants to achieve with each project.

It never was about me being a creative person, it was about how God can be creative through me. How I can be love through my work so others can see Him through me. So, ask yourself this, if you are constantly running dry, are you running around your own ax or are you running for Him to grow in life and achieve a full circle perspective? – Lené Magro Walter