Listening to the voice of God

We can’t even begin to describe how excited we are about this interview! Esté Geldenhuys blew us away with her answers on our questions. She talks about her time in Israel, being on radio and her writing and how important it is to remove yourself to enable the Holy Spirit to move through you and learning to listen to God’s voice.

How was your first radio broadcast?

Esté: Not good at all, I think I was too concerned about ME. How I would do it and how I would sound and the “correctness” of my communication. I was more concerned with delivering a good presentation of myself. My one sister listened to me and she kept telling me that I did not resonate with her. She felt that the conversation was with someone else and not with her. I tried very hard until one day I went into the studio and I asked her to pray during the time I would be in the studio. She did, and it felt as if I was now talking to her. After that broadcast, she said it had worked. I learned that if I am too important, God cannot flow through since I am in the way.

Was there ever a moment where someone called in and you didn’t know how to answer? Did God step in?

Esté: Yes, God did! This was something I often experienced. Not only with people calling in, but even in interviews as well. I would have something on my mind to ask my guest, but when I would open my mouth to talk, a completely different question came out. This was also why I could not work with a set of questions. In my experience, the list would hinder the flow of the Holy Spirit.

Your work requires of you to be in the public eye or on a very open platform, does that get difficult sometimes? Do you receive persecution from the public and how do you handle that?

Esté: The first thing that comes to my mind when you ask this question, is the fact that whatever I teach in public, whether spoken or written word, I get to be tested on it first. These tests tend to come not only in the safety of my family circle. The solution for this is again not to focus on myself, but the prompting of the Holy Spirit in me and just to be my natural self. At times it happens that people will put you on the spot, this also happens in public. There was a time when a group of ladies were going on about what their star signs predicted for that week. Suddenly someone turned to me to ask what star sign I was born under. My reply was that I was born under the star of Bethlehem. I need not say anything more.

There were times when I spoke against serving the goddess of luck by doing lucky draws and also the clear instruction in Leviticus 19:28 that we shall not put tattoos on our bodies, not even a cross or a Name of God since a tattoo remains a tattoo. For this kind of thing I do get flack yes. All for His glory.

What was the most memorable moment for you on radio?

Esté: There were too many, it is hard to mention only one. Maybe I should rather explain the overwhelming experience of being on air, live, teaching on my own or with a guest, but knowing that you are absolutely not on your own because the Lord is there! Present by His Spirit. Guiding, no, determining every word that goes out on air. Often I would be in tears by the wonder of His presence in the studio. And I was always aware of the reality that every word going out on air, was prophetically spoken over all of South Africa whether or not people heard it. The privilege of speaking God’s Word on air I think, was the most memorable. Praise His Name.

I think it’s safe to say that in your line of work you’ve met a lot of incredible people who was the person that left the biggest impact on you?

Esté: That is hard to answer. I was overtaken by the passion of Brother Yun from China. No one explained the Heart of the Father like Floyd McClung. I was fascinated by the testimonies of Brother Andrew, known as God’s Smuggler. The vibrance of George Verver, founder of O.M. was inspiring. In 23 years of broadcasting – you cannot even remember all by name, but my truth is that my life changed because of people I interviewed. So many people made me so inquisitive and got me searching! All honor and glory to our Father-God!

When did you realize that writing was something you wanted to do?

Esté: When I was in grade 11 I wrote an essay and my teacher recommended me for things such as natural story telling and true description of feeling and situation. What he said that day in front of the whole class, planted a seed. A few years later I said to my sister in law – one day I am going to write a book. she surprisingly asked, “On what topic?”

I could not reply, but I knew it, that one day I would write a book. It was “a knowing” lying in my heart for many years before the first book was published.

How do you decide on what to write? Do you pray about it first or does God usually lead you in that regard?

Esté: There was one title requested by a publisher. The rest was all of the Father. I was fortunate to have both W.E.G. Louw as well as Dirk J Opperman as lecturers when I was a student at Stellenbosch University. Opperman used to say – if ever you have to write something or about something, it will slowly grow inside of you until it fills you to a point where you cannot but let it out! This is exactly what I experience.

What is the writing process like spiritually?

Esté: It normally starts with something I need to understand from the scriptures. Like the time I could not understand what it practically meant to love God. I could not only speak the words – I wanted to understand what it meant. Our Father gave me three key words. Every time you trust Me, you love Me. Every time you seek intimacy with Me and every time you obey Me, you love Me. I started my quest with the word trust. “What in You Lord, do I trust?” I did not ask this out of disrespect, I really needed to understand. The answer I got from our Father was that – all we can trust in any person, was character. Where to learn about His character? “My character is hidden in the meaning of My Hebrew Names.” The study on the meaning of His Names kept me busy more than ten years before I started writing a book on it.

Thus, my need to grow spiritually leads me in the study of the Word and that becomes the things I write about. And while I plan on i.e. the route to take with arguments or explanations, there is always the presence of Holy Spirit to guide the process.

When you write about a certain topic do you get tested on it?

Esté: All the time, yes I do, but our Father has provided a group of friends whom I can ask for prayer on specific issues. What a blessing it is, to be honest, and cry out when you need extra covering and people to hold up your arms like Aron and Hur when you feel like you came to the end of your hope. I find it so important, to be honest about stuff I struggle with or when I make a mess of things because it happens.

Have you ever come to a point where what you wrote was not just for the reader but also for you? Does God talk you through your own writing?

Esté: Absolutely! I mostly have to work through things myself before I can write about it. If not, I think I do not have anything to say that could carry any authority in the Spirit.

Something else – I have never had a problem with being honest about stuff where I did something wrong or about things I had to overcome. The fact that I talk about healing and how I came to it, helps others to also come forward with problems they have.

Where did the tours to Israel start?

Esté: Some may think it had happened by accident. But I believe our Father had it all planned, and everything fell into place according to His Olam Timing. I was offered a trip for free in 2006, this trip frustrated me immensely for several reasons. Mostly because I was not prepared for Israel, I never knew where I was and what had happened there. Shortly after that, someone else invited me along, only 8 people in a car to drive and stop where we wanted to investigate and simply drink in what you had in front of you. On that trip, our Father called out my name on the streets of Jerusalem 5 times. I went back to the hotel to pray and that was where the Lord asked me to bring people to Israel and when they are there, He promised to meet and talk with them Himself.

Have you witnessed any miracles or breakthroughs on the tours?

Esté: I dare say on every trip. I have had less than a handful of people who said that they received nothing from the trip, totally nothing. But I speak to people all the time that went on trips with me, who keep talking about what had changed in their lives while they were in Israel. So many testify to the fact that their experience in Israel was something like crossing a Rubicon. They would talk about the time the Lord revealed this or that to them in Israel. It is also amazing to see how individuals in a group learn from one another and come to love one another like family. Even when a trip is over they keep comforting one another.

What part of the tour is your favorite?

Esté: Not really a fair question. I love the desert for the desolation and how I need solitude to come to terms with myself in Him and life that springs from living water. I love the Galilee not only for the beauty but also for all the testimonies of what our Lord Jesus did and spoke in that area. So many meaningful places such as Dan, Banias and Shiloh – but yes, Jerusalem is the one place that easily gets me to cry for no particular reason.

Do you feel closer to God when going to Israel?

Esté: Interesting question. Honestly, I do not think that Israel determines my “feeling” of closeness to God. And yet, it does make a difference. I would rather argue that an Israel trip, guiding people there on a spiritual level, is based on me focusing on the Word and for every trip one central message I receive from our Father. Every day He would unpack the message with scripture, the ideas or revelations linked, as well as the sites we visit on that day. In other words, when I take a group my focus is the Word and this I believe is what determines our “feeling” of closeness to our Father God. And then again, when I sit in my home and think of specific places in Israel, the Word and revelation and experience gets linked with a site and that in itself brings back the “closeness”. There are so many memories in that.

Is there anything you would like our readers to know regarding the tours?

Esté: Never go to Israel unless the Lord invites you. So often people come because a friend or family member persuaded them, but then they are not really prepared in their hearts. You will know when the urge to go becomes so strong, you cannot hold it in any more. When you choose a trip, do your homework. Do not simply choose the cheapest trip. Many trips are advertised with a certain number of days, but then there are actually two days for travelling, which is included. Pray that our Father guides you to the choice He has prepared for you.

Where can readers get in touch with you?

Esté: They can either go to my website or email me at or contact me by the following number: 083 292 5663


  1. If you could choose one book in the Bible to read for the rest of your life, which one will it be?
    The Gosple of John
  2. If you could travel back to the past, which book of the Bible would you like to experience and why?
    The book of Acts – to experience the spreading of The Way, and how ordinary people experienced the gifts of the spirit and planting of churches. And to meet Paul!!
  3. Who in the Bible inspires you the most?
    Other than Jesus – King David. He was so real an honest.
  4. What is your favourite verse?
    Too many – to mention a few Heb 8:10 and Ps 17:15 and Ps 3:3
  5. If there is one thing you could tell the younger you what would it be?
    God has so much faith in the youth – He allows you to make your most important decisions in life before you are 20 – to choose life in Him – to choose your friends and they determine how you treat yourself, your parents and family and how dedicated you will be regarding work and healthy celebration of life and even the spouse you will spend the rest of your life with. God trusts you!

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