We had the privilege to interview Direction Band from Maranatha Community Church on their latest album called God of Wonders.

How did you decide on the name of your band?
There is a beautiful vs in Ps119:59-60 “I thought about the wrong DIRECTION in which I was headed, and turned around and came running back to you”

As a Band leadership we loved that verse and being a bit of an aviation community church close to the airport and several pilots on team, the word DIRECTION just seemed a good fit.

How do you prepare before a performance as a band? (prayer etc.)
We practice for two hours on a Monday evening and then for 30min before services on a Sunday. Before stepping onto stage, we do pray as a team – we call this the “meeting” before “the meeting” which is an important value for us.

What has been your biggest challenge as a Christian band?
I wouldn’t say this is a HUGE challenge but as a band for a family church we always want to play music that appeals to the young but never leaves the older folks behind – not always an easy balance but it’s something we strive to do.

This album is a very emotional one (for me at least) Was that the aim of the album? To connect with God on a more emotional/spiritual level?
Our aim for the album has always been to bless our church members – to help them worship God in the car, in the office or in the home.


What was the writing process like for this album?
We have a few members on Band that have a real gifting for writing. Sometimes they wrote a song alone and sometimes got together and wrote as a team.

Did you as a band grow more spiritually with this album?
I trust we did / I think we definitely grew closer together as a team, which is natural when people undertake a project together and unity is a key value we pursue because God commands a blessing where there is unity.

My favourite song on the album is Without You, it makes me feel like everything that is a mountain in my life is small compared to what God can do and has done in my life. Do you have a testimony that stood out to you after you’ve released this album?
Sorry – not that I know of / glad you like the song (think we all have our favorites)

Is there a song on this album that instantly brings you into the presence of God?
I think there isn’t a particular song that does that- Connecting with God is always a heart condition, whether you are serving soup for someone on the street; singing behind a guitar or listening to a cd in the car.

Just a question that I’ve always wanted to know, is there any thought that goes into the types of instruments that you use? Does the Holy Spirit lead you when choosing the instruments?
That’s a tough question, I believe God gives people talents – and one of those talents over and above music playing, and writing is the ability to arrange music creatively. A number of band members really have a gifting in deciding what instrument to use when and I believe God takes huge delight in seeing them flourish in that freedom and creativity.

How do you decide on the rhythm of the music? Do you hear it before putting words to it or does it just come to you as you write
the lyrics?
Depends on the writer: some do music first then lyrics and others vice versa.

How can fans get in touch with you and gain access to your music?
Our album is available on iTunes (Direction – God of Wonders or see info on the Maranatha Community Church website) CD’s are available at Maranatha book shop.

4 Questions with: Direction Band

Claire (vocal)
What is your favourite topic in the Bible?
A hard one to nail down to just one thing, I think I’ll have to say my favourite topic is God’s grace and goodness during times of trouble. How he always came through.

Being a preschool teacher means that I read lots of bible stories to 5 and 6 year olds and have to explain them in simple childlike terms..

The children are always amazed at how bad things were and how wonderfully they turned out because God/Jesus came through for them.

A particular personal favourite is the story of Ruth. What appeals to me most is her faithfulness and how God honoured her for that. I try to make sure I do the same, even though I fail and get it wrong so often, I want to be faithful and true to Him. He has never let me down yet, and I KNOW He never will.

Karen (worship leader)
If you could tell the younger you anything what would it be?
I would tell myself to trust in God›s timing. There have been many times in my life when it’s maybe frustrated me that certain things haven›t happened as quickly as I wanted them to, but looking back from the other side, I see that God’s timing was perfect all along. I could have saved myself unnecessary stress by just trusting Him and His plan for my life.

Mel (worship leader)
If you could travel back to the past, which book of the Bible would you like to experience and why?
For me it would be the book of Acts. I think it just resonates with my evangelistic heart. The excitement of the very first baptism in the Holy Spirit and the natural call to move, preach and do signs and wonders for the glory of God, is all too gripping for me. They bore witness to the life, death and resurrection of the Messiah to non believers amidst persecution and welcomed them into the body of Christ. Centuries have passed yet the spontaneous outward manifestation of being born again and baptized in the Spirit has not changed. It still sets the new believer on fire and charges each one with the call to MOVE and tell the world that Jesus lives!

Rick (worship leaders and guitarist)
Who in the bible inspires you the most?
Well apart obviously from Jesus, David probably inspires me the most. I think the fact that he worshiped no matter what situation he found himself in, is something we could all learn from. In this fickle world we often forget about God in the good times or turn away from God if we feel (unjustifiably) let down by Him in the bad. However whether times were good or bad he wrote Psalms to God. God was first place and he worshiped Him no matter what.

Another thing is he never shrunk away or tried to justify himself when he sinned. He claimed full responsibility, made absolutely no excuses and accepted the consequence of his actions and repented. Once again something rarely found in mankind. The last thing I would say is that he is an encouragement to all of us as he was chosen by God not because of any natural ability but seemingly completely on the fact that his heart was sold out to his redeemer. When the prophet Samuel came to anoint one of Jesses sons to be king Jesse didn’t even bother calling David. His own father thought that little of him because possibly by earthly standards he was nothing of consequence but as the Ray Boltz song goes; “Well it wasn’t the oldest, It wasn’t the strongest, Chosen on that day. And yet the giant fell, And nations trembled, When they stood in his way.”

So our spiritual success ultimately is not about our ability, strength, looks or talents but will be determined by how much of our heart God has. I pray that like David our hearts will grow closer and closer to Him so that one day men will also say of us (as of David) that we are men and women of Gods own heart.

So David is a great hope and inspiration for someone of limited ability like myself.

Photos: Heinrich Helmbold