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So one of our readers asked if we could write about this subject. I am only 28 turning 29 and only recently had my first born. But I can give a bit of perspective from my point of view.

Even though I am not in my 30’s yet I do feel that having our baby girl at a later age had quite a few advantages:

Now that I am older I look at life from a different perspective. I am wiser in my decision making, and especially wiser in the area of raising a God-fearing child. I am able to teach her from my lessons in life and guide her to become better then I could ever be. I am able to raise a leader for God’s church.

(My husband might not always agree) But patience is something that has come with age. I to do things in an instance and can get quite irritable when it doesn’t happen fast enough. God’s been seriously dealing with me in this area. I need patience to let my little girl be who God created her to be and not who I want her to become.

It is so easy to make an idol out of someone let alone the child you had carried for 9 months. When all you want for them is to be the best, to be what you never could be. But that’s not allowing them to find their true identity in Christ. It’s a false illusions of what they think they need to be in fact where actually they need to discover it for themselves. We only have the privilege to lay the foundation and to try and guide them. I had a tendency to make idols of people and I had to learn the hard way. But now I know I am only a vessel for my child to learn from and that God needs to be first in our lives.

So there is the main 3 things that I have learned in the past few months. May I add that this has been a personal revelation to me and that God knows our hearts and He is a gentleman when it comes to teaching us His ways.