We bet you’ve seen some of his videos on Facebook, David Bergh took some time to discuss his new book as well as music and how you can help through crowd funding.

You mentioned on your ThundaFund page that you left your full-time job and went in to full-time ministry, I think a lot of people wonder how that process works, does God tell you directly or does He leave clues, how did that happen?
God communicates to each of us in a variety of unique ways. I experienced an overwhelming urge to move into full-time ministry and asked God if I could give up my job. I remember praying these words: “Lord, I know I’m called into full-time ministry and I will do what You called me to do even if it means that I have to sleep on the streets, I will do it. I would rather do what I love than work my life away without any purpose.” Shortly after I felt He gave me the go ahead.

What was the most difficult thing for you after you quit your job?
I didn’t experience any major difficulties after leaving my job, God sufficiently provided for me every month.

I like asking this question, because I feel it is a genuine concern in the Christian society today, since you’ve started walking this path, what is the one thing, according to you, that seems to be turning a lot of people away from the Gospel?
It seems like the majority of people tend to look to the lives of those who are hearers of the Word but not necessarily doers of the Word, instead of looking to the perfect example, Christ Himself and those truly living Christlike lives.

How did the writing process start and when?
It started when I was on my very first two week retreat, alone on a game farm, in 2017.

What is the heart of your book?
To inspire a generation to follow fully after Him as their First Love

What was the writing process like spiritually?
While writing, I experienced a closeness with the Holy Spirit that sometimes brought me to tears

What have you learnt so far while writing this book? The book is God inspired so not only does it change your reader but you as a person as well?
Thus far I came to realize that there is so much more inside of me than I ever thought, and that God deeply desires our undivided devotion and affection

You are also a singer/song writer and I’m very curious to know how does the writing process look? Do you hear a melody in your head or the words first?
Most of the time it starts with a melody lingering within me and as my spirit connects with God, words just flow like a river through my spirit. It can happen instantaneously or over a period of weeks to find the song within the many words, ideas and melodies.

Have you written a song that brought you face to face with God?
I have written a song that exposed my brokenness in such a way that I felt the closest to God than ever before. There was an authentic honesty that flowed from my heart towards His.

Can you share with us a bit of your life’s testimony before and when you met God?
I grew up as a pastor’s son and had a very ordinary life, until my encounter with God in 2014. After which He changed everything!

Since you went in to full-time ministry do you have an inspiring testimony of someone in your life that came to Christ after you did?
Yes I do, her name is Annie. After I gave her a prophecy she became a Christian from being an atheist for almost 20 years. A few weeks before this encounter she held her boss at gun point and her life was falling apart. God completely set her free from drugs alcohol and gave her a new life.

What is the main thing you want readers to take away from your book/album?
It is my prayer that every reader and listener will develop a new hunger to seek out the mysteries of His love for them as individuals.

Where can readers/fans go to be get the book/album?
Pre-order album and book at www.thundafund.com/projectriseasdavid before 11 July 2018

Where can readers get in touch with you?
Visit my Facebook page David Bergh