Chris van Rooyen from God’s Force shares a testimony that is very close to his heart, the testimony of his beloved father that past away from brain cancer in 2012.

This would be my father’s testimony, but unfortunately, he’s not here today to write it himself. When I gave my life to Jesus Christ, my whole life changed, including my bad habits and naturally I also started praying for my loved ones. My father was a firm believer in; you believe in Jesus and He will automatically forgive all your sins, no matter if you continue doing them without repentance.

I did not agree with this because this is not what the bible teaches us. So I started talking to my dad about his sinful habits and that he should repent, but he did not want to hear it. I prayed every night to God, begging Him to open my dad’s eyes and to bring him to repentance before it’s too late. I will never forget what happened after the last time I spoke to my dad about God. As I was driving home, and I heard God saying to me that I’ve done enough and now He is going to step in.

Needless to say, I was so excited, and I told everyone. My mom and dad were divorced at the time and we spoke a lot about my dad and how we just wished he can turn to God. After a couple of months my dad was diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer, and after hearing the news, I immediately fell on my knees asking God; “what’s going on? I asked You to save my dad, not kill him?” After praying I opened my bible and received the following verse:

Isaiah 35:5 – Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped.

I went from sad to overflowing with joy! God is going to open my dad’s eyes, I was telling everyone. I believed that God was going to heal my dad, and this would be his testimony. Me, my sister (Natascha), her fiancé (Kyle) and my mom looked after my dad. We didn’t want to place him in some hospital or care centre where he would be on his own. Natascha, Kyle and myself moved in with my dad to take care of him. The first couple of months was OK. He could still walk, eat and do almost everything else on his own, but was complaining about feeling very dizzy when after walking a short distance.

He was also still talking perfectly fine. But after some time, it all started changing, he was getting worse. He got medicine and radiation treatment from the hospital, but it didn’t really help. It got to a point where we couldn’t understand what he was saying, he couldn’t walk without falling and he couldn’t eat on his own. I saw a very proud man, someone I looked up to for so many years – and I still do, become like a baby. He couldn’t take care of himself at all anymore.

Finally, we had to get caregivers, because we were all working, and then eventually we had to take him to a place where he could receive care and treatment 24/7. At this point we could see clearly that our father is not about to get healed, and so I asked God, will my dad get saved, will he be OK? I asked God to give one of us a dream as a sign, whether my dad will be saved or not, and what we should do to help him.

At this stage my dad was just a breathing body, he was like someone that’s in a coma, he did not respond to anything. On the day of his passing, the people from Hospice phoned me and told me they don’t think he’ll make another night. I informed both my sister and Kyle and we all went through to see my dad for one last time.

While we were there, Kyle told me that he had the strangest dream, 3 times in a row. Obviously I was very curious and eager to hear about his dream. He told me that he dreamt, we were all in my dad’s room, crying and we all left except Kyle. Suddenly, he saw this bright light and my dad was standing in front of him, and my dad told him, do not worry Kyle, I am OK.

Right there and then I knew, God did what I prayed for, He saved my dad’s soul. And today my dad is in heaven waiting for us.
We don’t always understand why God lets certain things happen or why some things happen as they do, we can only trust God that in His infinite wisdom, He knows best. To this day we still miss our dad dearly, he was such a great person, loving every second of life. We looked up to him in so many ways and we loved him so much, but I thank God for doing the impossible, saving my dad’s soul.

Our beloved dad passed away at the age of 52 at 03:00 on 24 March 2012. – Chris van Rooyen