Wow, wow and wow! This blew my mind completely, I started researching on the times Jesus prayed and let me just say that two things stood out to me; Jesus went to a quiet place and He went to the wilderness.

Luke 5:16 [AMP]

But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray [in seclusion].

Something that really stood out to me about this verse is the fact that the Bible states that Jesus OFTEN slipped away to the WILDERNESS. The meaning of wilderness can be two things, a place of discomfort or trials and it can also mean a place of encounters with God.

If you think back to the time where the Israelites went through the wilderness for 40 years it was terrible for them, they complained about everything and they went around the same mountain repeatedly. The reason for this was so that God could work within them and teach them of His ways and to trust Him. They were so stubborn that it took them 40 years to learn this.

You can’t hear God’s voice in a crowd or with a lot of distractions around you, so you need to go to your quiet place to encounter God. God often takes away from us to get closer to Him, to get back to Him. Jesus often went to His “wilderness” to encounter God and to recharge but, to also come before the Lord in prayer for those around Him. Jesus understood the importance of prayer and of going to His quiet place.

Don’t think of your wilderness season as a place of desolation, think of it as a place where you get stripped to your core for the Glory of God. Your personal encounter with your Heavenly Father.