This is a very interesting question and something that a group of us discussed not that long ago.

I believe that there are times that you do feel forgiven, like the moment you come before God and repent and just give everything over to God, I know because that is something that happened to me.

On the flip side the enemy comes and reminds you of your past and you start to feel guilty again for what you have done. At that moment it doesn’t feel like you are forgiven or that God is there, you feel more judgement than anything else.

So, what does that mean then? That God is angry with you and you aren’t forgiven anymore? No! It simply means that you are in a spiritual battle with the enemy and need to stand strong on the Word of God. You are forgiven if you truly repent and turn away from your sins.

Let me put it this way, when you are in a relationship with someone, when they do something that shows you they love you or tell you that they do, then you know. On the flipside if it has been a while that your partner has shown you or told you that they love you, then that doesn’t mean that suddenly, they don’t care anymore. You still know that they love you.

See the enemy for what he is, a liar! Remember one thing, faith is believing in things unseen, it is the same with our feelings. You might not see that you are forgiven, you just know because of the Word of God!

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