For I,’ declares the Lord, ‘will be a wall of fire around her [protecting her from enemies], and I will be the glory in her midst.’ – Zechariah 2:5

The Lord our God, the Great I Am will protect us and be with us. Now, this verse talks about the new Jerusalem and what it will be like but, this verse can be applied to everything in our lives. I recently went through a few days of attacks and spiritual growth and training if you can call it that and, every time I wanted to take things into my own hands God reminded me to step back.

The words “be still and know that I am God”, kept coming up in my mind and, at that moment I stopped and prayed about the situation. Most of the times not long after, the situation got defused and turned out in my favour! We often think that our situation is way bigger than us and sometimes even bigger than God, then we tend to freak out and try and solve it ourselves.

I think we all can agree that trying to do things through our “power” often leads to destruction or even sin. Just look at the Israelites, during their 40 years in the desert as soon as it looked like God was taking too long or there would be a shortage, they took it into their own hands and either made an idol or complained. That is where it just got worse, they forgot the One Who took them out of bondage, gave them food from Heaven and even water out of a rock! They saw all the miracles of the sea opening, making way for them to walk through and God defeating the pharaoh but still they didn’t believe.

We need to stop thinking like this world, stop thinking with “logic” about our situations/circumstances and start acting like children of God. God is a good fighter, protector and provider. He will step in and fight for us, protect us against the arrows of our enemies. Keep your focus on God not the enemy.