Earlier this week I asked God to give me a verse and Luke 8:26 came up. I went and read what the verse was about, and I noticed one very interesting part about this story.

The story is about where Jesus came to the country of the Gerasenes, When Jesus stepped out on the land a man who was possessed with demons came to Him. Now, this is the interesting part, the Amplified Bible says it like this; “For a long time he had worn no clothes, and was not living in a house, but among the tombs.”

When you click on tombs it gives you a dropdown which goes into further detail, and they say the following: “These probably were burial places built above the ground, or natural caves in the hillside. Cave tombs often had two chambers, one of which remained empty as long as the relatives were still alive. Such tombs frequently were used as shelter for lepers, demoniacs and the poor.”

It was just interesting to me to take note of how the people that were cast aside from society was attracted to the “dead” for shelter. If you think about it, when something isn’t right in your life you tend to turn towards either more sadness or darkness, it gives you a false feeling of making you feel “better”.

We need to understand one thing, the enemy makes his side of the world look very attractive and pleasing, but it’s not. When the man possessed saw Jesus, the demons inside of him trembled before the Son of the Most High God. Evil can’t stand where the light is, whatever you are going through right now, just remember that Jesus is with you. If you are in a season of “running to the tombs” or maybe you are in a spiritual grave, Jesus will never leave you.

That man was possessed with a lot of demons and just the presence of Jesus made them fall down before Him. Nothing is too big for Jesus, stand strong on His Word and abide in His love and the enemy will flee!