We are so excited to announce that René from God’s Brown Eyed Girl will be joining our group of contributors for our magazine! We asked her a few questions to introduce her to our readers.


Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?
My name is René and I am married to my best friend Kallie Gronum. I am a hairdresser by profession. My clients and friends that know me knows I love to chat and then I found a way to put the talking on paper. I found a talent I never knew I had.

Describe how did you first get into blogging?
My blog started during 2016 when I found my true calling, helping other’s. I wanted to teach people the things that God revealed to me and my personal experiences and how I got the courage to get through them.

Is it difficult or challenging to be a Christian blogger?
To be honest, sometimes. We are called to a different way of living, one that the world doesn’t always understand. And I have to try and live that way, but I know that I am human and can only improve myself. Not by my strength but God’s.

What challenges do you think Christian women today are facing?
As women we are constantly measured by what is seen on tv and other social media platforms. Instead of focusing on the standards of the world we should turn our eyes to God and set after the standards He set for us.

Since becoming a mom, would you say your faith grew more and how do you stay God focused with a newborn baby?
I definitely would say that I do see things differently and that I see God’s hand in every area of our lives. My faith has grown so much by waiting and trusting God’s timing for a baby. I stay focused by praying the blood of Jesus over my family everyday.

Will being a mother change the way you write on you blog?
Motherhood has been such a joy and I do think that when I write and speak to God that joy reflects.

Are there any exciting stuff happening in the future of God’s Brown Eyed Girl?
Well there is the promise that 2018 is my harvest season, and being able to write for this magazine is definitely the start of the reaping.

You can read her testimony in our first issue coming April and, find out more about her here.