What is your favourite Christian book at the moment?
100 Days in the SECRET PLACE by Gene Edwards

What is your favourite Christian movie at the moment?
The Shack (It resonated with losing a baby)

What is your favourite Christian song at the moment?
Elevation Worship- Yahweh (takes me into God’s presence everytime)

If you could travel back to the past, which book of the Bible would you like to experience and why?
Matthew. I would have loved to be in the disciples’ shoes and to learn from Jesus.

Who in the Bible inspires you the most?
Hannah as I had to become a “Hannah” myself

What is your favourite verse?
Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God”

If there is one thing you could tell the younger you what would it be?
To seek God’s Kingdom first!

General contact info:
Email adress is reneqgronum@gmail.com
On Facebook Rene Gronum/ God’s Brown Eyed Girl