I absolutely love this verse, to me it says rest in your rest. I know that is a mouth full! How often does it happen that you get to a point where you can finally sit and just rest, but then your mind starts going to places it shouldn’t?

In today’s life we forget to rest when we get the chance to take a break and just chill. I know it’s easier said than done but, we need to learn how to control our thoughts and everything that comes with it. We have a lot on our plates and not enough day to complete all the tasks we are handed. To make matters worse we often get thrown with other people’s problems as well and, we tend to make their problems our own. Don’t get me wrong it’s good to be there for other people and help where you can, but helping others can have its toll on you.

The other night I was just unbelievably drained from work and I had the opportunity to go to bed earlier. As I got into bed I started thinking about everything that still needs to get done and how to help this one family. Before I knew it, it was 10 o’clock! I laid there wrestling with my thoughts and allowing it to overpower my time of rest. I just started singing a song that always calms me down and eventually I was having the time of my life in my thoughts! I was just chatting up a storm with God and praise and worshipping Him while I rest. The next morning, I woke up feeling so refreshed and completely rested out.

Time is precious as well as our rest, when life gets too much just spend time with God and ask Him to help you rest.

Monique van Rooyen

Editor / Owner of Pearl Drop Moments

Monique had an encounter with Jesus that she will never forget, after that day God changed her life radically. In 2017 God stirred something in her soul and gave her a vision that would drive her passion for His people and being a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves and becoming the true bride of Christ.