More than one million Christians gathering on a farm in Bloemfontein, South Africa. Can you even picture that many people on one farm?

In my mind I tried to make up a picture of how I thought it would look like but it didn’t come close to the real thing! We left 03:00am Saturday morning on the 22nd of April 2017. As we drive towards Bloemfontein we talked about what we all expect to happen when more than a million people gather to pray together as a nation for South Africa.

Let me be the first to tell you, God works in mysterious ways my friend. When we got there the moment we sat down I started crying, that was how strong the presence of the Holy Spirit was! People blowing on their Shofars and dancing with flags, people praying and singing. It was really something else, the farm was so big that you couldn’t feel that you were between more than a million people. We praised and worshiped for a few hours with the wind blowing like crazy and only when we were singing,, which at first I thought was really random but I wasn’t the only one that noticed that. Eventually uncle Angus came on and he told us that a nation can be born in a day, how do you ask is that possible? Well…when we looked around us we realized that we were that nation that just got born!

We all repented as a nation and asked God to forgive us and then uncle Angus started praying for everyone there. We all suffered from anxiety and a lot of illnesses. Some people got to see miracles happening in front of them as people stood up out of wheelchairs and the blind could see, the deaf could hear! It’s been over a month now since the prayer day and we are still hearing miracles of that day!

After we repented as a nation something amazing happened! Take a look at the video below…the Holy Spirit made its presence known.

After everything was done we started moving towards our car and let me tell you, I saw a million people walk around me! It took us almost 4 hours just to get off of the farm! What an adventure that was, we eventually got home at 1:30am Sunday morning. It was so worth it going to meet God and really experience God, my life will forever be changed after that day!